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Compared to glitzy Emirati neighbors like Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the capital of Oman is a breath of fresh sea air. The main pleasures of Muscat come from the topography, despite the city's reputation for its beautiful souks and cuisine.

You may go on morning treks across the desert, watch dolphins in the sunset, and enjoy tons of warm Omani hospitality all day long because the arid Hajar mountains surround this port city on the Gulf of Oman.

Muscat is a fantastic place to start if you want to visit various sites and attractions. It is a place rich in culture and history. Landmarks like the Grand Sultan Qaboos Mosque—the only mosque in the Middle East that welcomes non-Muslims—the Royal Opera House, the Bait Al Zubair and Bait Al Baranda Museums offer fascinating insights into the Sultanate's past as well as the legendary stories of the area that were immortalized in books like Sinbad the Sailor and 1001 Nights.

Some luxury hotels are even worth peeking inside. For instance, the Al-Bustan Palace Hotel has an ornate atrium 38 meters high and decorated in an elegant Arabian fashion, similar to several museums.

Embrace the art of shopping at one of the souqs if you want to appear and sound more local. The Old Muttrah souk is tranquil and unfussily authentic. Fresh food, ceramics, handicrafts, and silverware are endlessly available in the maze-like medina's alleyways. Despite the need for the art of haggling, shopkeepers are kind and inviting, which is a distinguishing feature of Omani hospitality.

Oman may not be the world's largest, newest, tallest, or highest high-rise.

Due to its rich heritage and loving society, it shines brilliantly and brightly in its strong feeling of cultural identity and pride, which is rooted in centuries-old traditions that deserve praise and celebration rather than being disregarded.

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Reasons to visit Muscat

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Helpful tips for Muscat

  • Try and time your visit during the Khareef season to Salalah to witness the beautiful greenery!
  • Sip on Karak chai
  • Helpful Tips for Muscat

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