Royal Opera House

Oman benefits from the cultural interchange that will be encouraged by the Royal Opera House Muscat. It emanates elegance with its exteriors covered in white marble and its theatres which are richly furnished. The beautiful complex emerges from its desert surroundings close to the ocean and extends across a land area that is around 80,000 square meters in size.

Things to do at the Royal Opera House:

  • Understand regional influence here:

A decade ago, Sultan Qaboos, the 14th Sultan of Oman, had the idea to construct a venue suitable for hosting opera performances and classical music concerts throughout the Arab world; the result was the Sultan Qaboos Grand Opera House. The Opera House hosts a various musical concerts regularly, with a primary focus on traditional Omani music. It is a testament to the Omani people's history, the royal prerogative, and the expansion of cultural interchange.

  • Admire the architectural marvel:

Traditional Omani desert rose stones were used in the building's construction, and the structure's design is in keeping with conventional Omani architectural principles.

  • It is a technological marvel at the same time:

This multiform theatre can morph from an intimate opera house with 1,100 seats into a shoebox-style concert hall with 850 seats at the touch of a button, making it one of the world's most beautiful and technically sophisticated opera houses. An orchestra shell glides downstage from the back of the house along railway lines and blends perfectly with the auditorium's walls. These changes are led by automatic mechanisms, with the proscenium arch lowering into the floor, the orchestra pit rising, and the front two rows of seats lowering into the floor. It was the very first opera theatre ever built in the peninsula of the Arab world.

  • Consider attending an event here:

It is a cultural treasure trove that extends an invitation to everyone for an elegant evening out. The Opera House hosts a variety of musical concerts regularly, with a primary focus on traditional Omani music.

  • Shop at opera galleria:

The museum is home to magnificent shops, well-known brands from across the world, and a wide variety of foreign cafes and restaurants offering a variety of cuisines. It features fifty stores that sell a wide variety of goods, including art outlets, diamonds, fashion, and fragrances, and are skillfully mixed.

  • Enroll for an education program here:

The versatility of the 200,000-square-foot performance space has introduced the local community to a whole new and enlightening world of performing arts. The Royal Opera House in Muscat is an institution that serves as a source of education, recreation, and motivation. Many events and activities of Education and Outreach are designed with children, educators, and families in mind.

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    2 hours

Address of Royal Opera House

Royal Opera House Al Kharjiyah Street, Muscat, Oman

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