Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque

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This beautiful building, which dominates the skyline of Muscat and goes by the full name 'Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque,' is an iconic skyscraper.It is widely regarded as one of the most abundant and stunning examples of contemporary mosque architecture anywhere in the world. The few fantastic features of the mosque's design, interiors, and architecture will convince anybody to visit it.

Things to do at Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque

  • Explore the structure and its features:

The mosque is constructed in the form of a square, and its central dome rises a total of fifty meters into the air. The site's boundaries are denoted by the five minarets, each of which stands for one of the five pillars of Islam. The principal minaret stands at 91.5 meters, while the others may reach heights of up to 45 meters. The main prayer hall, known as a musalla, can gather nearly 6,500 worshipers at once. In contrast, the women's prayer hall, also known as a musalla, can house 750 worshipers at once. With an extra useable room for prayer in the internal courtyard and the corridors, the mosque has the potential to accommodate up to 20,000 worshippers at once.

  • Admire the fusion of influence here:

This grand iconic structure in the Arab world took six years to complete. The mosque blends Islamic, Middle Eastern, and Omani architectural styles.

  • Get mesmerized by the glitz of the luxe and largest chandelier in the world as you set your sight for the first time:

The enormous chandelier, placed in the middle of the men's prayer hall, has a diameter of 14 meters and weighs 8,500 kg. It holds over six hundred thousand shining bright Swarovski crystals, with 24-carat gold plating, which took more than four years to complete. An architectural wonder is inside the prayer hall of the iconic Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque in Muscat. The carpet is one of the significant features of the interior design, which covers around 4,343 square meter area of the prayer hall. It contains 1,700 million knots, measures around 60x70 meters, weighs about 21,000 kilograms and took about four years to produce.

  • Visit the library:

When you go to the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque one day, you shouldn't skip out on seeing the library or walking around the outer corridor along the mosque. Both of these areas feature a wide range of mosaic artworks and explanations of the various design styles that were used in the mosque's construction.

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    2 hours 29 minutes

Address of Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque

Sultan Qaboos Street, Muscat, Oman

Opening & Closing time of Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque

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Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque