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The museum was officially opened in April 1999 by the Central Bank of Oman to display the history of the various forms of currency that have been utilized in Oman. In addition, the museum has information about the history of coins from before the period when Oman issued its first national currency, the Saidi Rial.

Things to do at the Currency Museum of Oman:

  • Explore the collection:

The Museum is home to 11514 Coins and bank Notes between a collection of 11406 Currency and 108 Bank Notes.

The following is a list of the currency note:

  1. Indian Rupee by the Government of India (British) 1927-1948
  2. Indian Rupee by the Reserve bank of India 1949
  3. Gulf Rupee by the Government of India in 1957
  4. Saidi Rial- Muscat Monetary Authority 1970
  5. Oman Rial Omani Monetary Council 1972
  6. Oman Rial Central Bank of Oman – 1976
  7. Omani Rial Central Bank of Oman – b 1985
  8. Omani Rial Central Bank of Oman – c 1995

  • Learn about the history of currency:

The museum displays provide information regarding the circulation of coins and banknotes in the Sultanate of Oman. Exhibits at the museum cover the process of coin minting in Oman during both the Islamic and pre-Islamic eras.

  • Observe some of the iconic developments in currency here:

Gulf rupees are a type of currency issued by India's government and used by countries in the Gulf region. The museum is the proud owner of a silver dirham named Uman. This particular dirham was struck during the Umayyad dynasty when Abd al-Malik ibn Marwan was the ruler of the Arabian Peninsula; as such, it is one of the oldest coins ever hit there.

  • Embrace the vintage coin collection:

The museum is home to collections of commemorative coins produced for Omani National Days. The museum features Baiza Coins, which are coins that were produced locally and given that name. The museum also features displays of Islamic ashrafi artifacts.

  • Make the most of the events and gatherings:

The museum's facilities include a comfortable exhibition hall with 26 seats. This hall can screen films, stage visual displays, and host other programs that discuss the history of Omani currency and the operations of the Central Bank of Oman.

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    2 hours

Address of The Currency Museum of Oman

Street: Central, Building No.: 44; Ruwi, commercial district, Sultanate of Oman

Opening & Closing time of The Currency Museum of Oman

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The Currency Museum of Oman