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The National Museum is the perfect complement to the Sultan's Palace, located just across the street and housed in an impressive new structure. It first opened its doors on December 30, 1985, and is housed in the Al khuwair neighborhood of the Ministry of Heritage and Culture.

More than 5,500 artifacts are shown in more than 250 showcases in 14 permanent gallery spaces at this exhibition. The artifacts are organized thematically and chronologically, and the collection spans approximately 4,000 square meters.

Things to do at the National Museum:

  • The artifacts come to life using technologically advanced equipment and enormous displays:

There is a particularly robust and forward-thinking multimedia segment on maritime transportation history. The primary hall houses an extensive collection of objects representative of Omani's one-of-a-kind artistic tradition and culture. You might be able to locate some lovely silver jewelry and handicrafts made of copper here, as well as replicas of Omani ships.

  • Get educated about natural biodiversity here:

The museum illustrates the complexity of the Omani environment by presenting examples of the landforms, geology, flora, fauna, marine life native to the country. There is a wealth of information on the rich biodiversity of the Sultanate of Oman. The museum houses preserved bones of marine invertebrates, birds, and reptiles that were native to the environment of Oman and perished there naturally, as well as stuffed animals that are of sorts and species that are highly uncommon to find in the wild in Oman.

  • Maritime advancements have a special place here:

The marine character of the nation can be seen throughout the museum in the form of reproductions of ancient Omani vessels that are scaled down to smaller sizes, as well as several models of larger boats. The tour comes to a close with an audio-visual presentation, a wheeled 4K ultra-high definition (UHDTV) audio-visual show projected on an 8.3-megapixel screen positioned in the theatre of the museum.

  • Holistic benefits are offered here as part of social equity:

As part of its commitment to 'Social Innovation,' the National Museum of Oman is the first museum in the Middle East to be adapted to the needs of the visually impaired. Additionally, it is the first museum in Oman to provide full access for persons with reduced mobility. These achievements were accomplished due to the museum's focus on 'Social Innovation.'

  • Add value to yourself as you enroll for a short study program:

The museum has the first Learning Center in the Sultanate that is completely outfitted and the first conservation facilities in the Sultanate, both of which were created in line with the criteria established by the International Council of Museums.

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Address of National Museum

opposite Al Alam Palace, Al Saidiya St., Muscat, Oman

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