Margaret Island

Margaret Island, also known as Margitsziget, is an island in the Danube that flows through Budapest and serves as the city's green lung. Its history is incredibly fascinating and distinctive.

A public park now connects the island to the city through Margit hid (Margaret Bridge).

Locals from Budapest frequently spend an afternoon there resting, playing sports, or just strolling about.

To assist you in organizing a day on this amazing island, we share 12 unique activities and attractions with you.


1. Learn about the history of Margaret Island

The Hungarian King Béla established a nunnery on the island after the Mongol invasion. He swore to transfer his daughter Margaret there if he successfully retook the nation from the invaders. Shortly after, the Mongols fled Hungary, and King Béla kept his word by sending Margaret, then 11 years old, to a monastery. Margaret later became Saint Margaret, who is still revered today. She later gave her name to the island.

2. Travel in a quirky car

Walking around Margaret Island takes roughly an hour, as was already described before. It's generally not a good idea to visit it on foot if you're taking little children or elderly parents. Many automobiles are available for hire, and bus number 26 travels the entire island, so there is no need to worry.

You may also hire golf carts, electric scooters, cyclo-passes/bringo carts, and even amusing egg-shaped automobiles if you're looking for something more different.

3. Climb the water tower on Margaret Island.

The stunning Art Nouveau water tower on Margaret Island was constructed in 1911. It supplies water to the hotels, restaurants, and taverns on Margaret Island.

It first became accessible to the public in 2012; it has served as a setting for the Budapest Summer Festival and art and photography exhibits.

 4. Take a dip in Palatinus:

If you have ever been to Budapest, you know the city's reputation for its hot baths. Palatinus Strand, Margaret Island's spa, offers much more than your typical stuffy thermal spa.

In addition to thermal pools, there are adventure pools, water slides, and a well-known wave pool used once per hour throughout the summer.

5. Go to the Rose Gardens

The breathtaking Rose Garden is right across from Palatinus and is a fantastic spot to visit, especially in the late spring when the blooms are in full bloom.

6. Japanese Garden is worth a visit

A Japanese garden featuring a koi pond, a rock garden, dwarf trees, and an artificial waterfall can be found on the island's northernmost point.

Although the Japanese and Rose gardens are vastly different, both are worthwhile stops to make. 

7. Go to a Franciscan monastery's ruins.

You may stroll among the remains of Margaret Island's past if you wish to travel back in time. You can locate the remnants of a Franciscan church, other than some walls, just a short distance from the Palatinus baths.

The monastery was constructed in the thirteenth century and destroyed by the Ottomans in the fifteenth century.

8. Wander Around a Dominican Convent's Ruins

The remnants of the Dominican nunnery built by King Béla, where Margaret was assigned to dwell, may be discovered further north.

It previously served as a boarding school, but it was abandoned following the Ottoman conquest in the 16th century.

The Promenade of Hungarian Artists (Mvészsétány), a walkway lined with sculptures of illustrious Hungarian poets, authors, and painters, is a great place to enjoy a stroll in the great outdoors.

8) Check out the Music Fountain

Near the island's southernmost point is where you may find the Musical Fountain. The music ranges from Brahms to Bocelli, Simon, and Garfunkel to Vivaldi, among other composers.

9) Reside at a Luxurious Spa Hotel

Did you know that Margaret Island offers to lodge as well? There are three hotels on the island itself, and Hotel Ensana Thermal Margaret Island is unquestionably the loveliest one (formerly known as Danubius Health Spa Resort).

With its spa and bathtubs filled with healing water containing hydrogen carbonate and minimal sulfur, this is unquestionably the greatest health and wellness hotel in Budapest. You'll be oblivious that you're in a capital city in Europe because it is surrounded by nature.

10) Eat at Hippie Island

Langos booths and the upscale Széchenyi Restaurant at the Thermal Margaret Island Hotel are just a few options. An eclectic menu of pizza, sandwiches, risotto and Hungarian favorites is available at this freshly built open-air tavern and cafe, with lots of seating on multiple terraces.

11) Overnight at Zippp


You may go to Zippp, an outdoor beach club opens from Wednesday through Saturday in the summer, with music playing until five in the morning, after dining or enjoying a drink at Hippie Island's sunset.

There are two distinct dance floors with music ranging from hip hop to techno and rock. Local musicians frequently play on these dance floors.

If you want to enjoy Budapest nightlife away from steamy downtown bars, Zippp is the ideal choice because it is roomy and never feels packed.

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Address of Margaret Island

Zielinski Szilard stny, Budapest 1138 Hungary

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