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The Gellért hill is a tall cliff that provides a panoramic view of Budapest and its key attractions. Originally used as a military checkpoint, jail, anti-aircraft missile launch pad, etc., this castle is now only a tourist destination.

As a component of 'the banks of the Danube,' the Gellért hall is currently recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site and serves as a reservoir for the city's drinking water supply.

There are various sights and activities to enjoy in and around Gellért, such as dining at a restaurant with a city view, seeing the citadel and the statue of liberty, taking pictures of the breathtaking scenery, watching the sunset, etc. The lush surroundings and immaculate structures will enchant everyone.


Learn about the historical past: 

The Gellért hill rises to approximately 460 feet or 140 meters on the Danube river, and Dolomite rock makes up its structure. Around 1850, the Austrian Habsburg dynasty constructed it. Stephen's Basilica, the Parliament, Chain Bridge, the Castle, Matthias Hall, Big Market Hall, etc., are a few of the sites that may be seen here. 

Visit House Gilbert for an authentic self-care ritual:

Gilbert House is an impressive four-star hotel that provides saunas, thermal pools, and swimming pools. Bluebeard, I Spy, Evita, and other films have all been filmed in the Gellért Bath Spa.

Witness the taban in its original forms:

The Gellért hill's northern slope, known as Taban, previously had yards and yards of vines that provided the raw materials for creating wine. The snow-covered hill serves as a location for sledding and ice skating in the winter and, in the summer, serves as a venue for rock concerts and events.

Visit the Cave Church, the Gellert Monument, and the Liberty Monument.

Gellert Hill is a stunning and relaxing location that should be included in the itineraries of all history and nature enthusiasts because of its present political significance, historical significance dating back to the Middle Ages, and undeniable beauty.

You will come across the magical Garden of Philosophy as you reach the Hill's secret regions.

Take a stroll around the park and up to the overlook for the most breathtaking panoramic view:

Gellert Hill is a prosperous neighborhood with treed parkland and authentic landmarks. It is an incredible place to sit and appreciate the general perspectives of the colossal city of Budapest. 

And this vista will undoubtedly differ from what you have seen on other city observation decks. From the greatest vantage points, you can see the Danube River and the city's two sides, Buda and Pest.

The Liberty Statue is one of Gellert Hill's main draws:

This statue, according to history, was built in 1947 to honor those who gave their lives in defense of Hungary's independence and freedom.

This statue honors Hungary's Second World War Soviet Liberty.

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