The Lesser Known Corners of Europe

By Prachi Agrawal

  ●   15 Dec 18


There’s no doubt about the brilliancy of the hyped-up tourist destinations in Europe but there are some lesser explored corners of Europe as well that definitely deserve a visit. If you’re done with the flock of tourists clouding your vision in every vacation that you go for, these less traveled European countries are a perfect holiday getaway to deal with comparatively less crowds and enjoy a more relaxed vacation.

5 Lesser Known European Countries


Faroe Islands

faroe islandsFaroe Islands is an off-beat travel destination in Denmark. These 18 islands full of natural wonders are a great location to have a rendezvous with nature. Hike to the lush green mountains, wander around the quaint villages, and adore the cute little puffins doing cute little things.




luxembourgOften hidden behind the limelight of Paris, Belgium, and Amsterdam, Luxembourg is a country less traveled. This tiny country offers amazing nightlife, mind-blowing art, majestic castles, and much needed escape into nature. So instead of getting blinded by the limelight of its neighboring countries, give Luxembourg a chance to amaze you.




montenegroMontenegro is overlooked as a tourist destination because more people prefer to travel to Croatia, its neighbor. If you want to avoid herds of tourists on your vacation, head to this European country for a relaxing getaway. It has a beautiful coastline, old world charm, yummy food, cordial people, and a peppy nightlife.




romaniaRomania is a country with many hidden treasures tucked away in the European continent. No matter what kind of traveler you are, it has something for everyone. From incredible waterfalls, artsy cities, and spectacular castles to seven UNESCO World Heritage sites –this country is a great place to travel.



Northern Ireland

northern irelandBelfast and the Causeway Coast of this European nation have been recognized by the Lonely Planet as the best place to travel in the world in 2018. Belfast offers the best of both worlds –it is modern and also has a countryside whose greenery is sure to melt your heart. Also, Giant’s Causeway is something that you must see while you’re in Northern Ireland.


Are you ready to make memories in these European destinations?

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The Lesser Known Corners of Europe