Al Shafa Mountains

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Experience the day's worth of fun activities by joining an exhilarating Al Shafa Mountains Hiking Tour. This charming destination is well-known for its stunning scenery, excellent climate, and enjoy hiking and trekking trails.

Enjoy your walk to Shafa Mountain and the ascent there. The views are breathtaking and make the difficult trek or climb worthwhile. You can feel the gentle, chilly air as you move deeper into the mountains. The main pulls for tourists are the breathtaking scenery, and attractions in the hilly Al Shafa area are the parks, gardens, and agricultural regions.

Things to do at Al Shafa Mountains:

  • Views of the mountain range surrounding you and the city of Taif below are incomparable. Since it has high ascents and descents and provides breathtaking views of the surroundings, the lengthy Al Shafa Road is a blast to drive on. If you wish to capture the stunning Al Shafa mountains on camera, you'll need a camera, snacks, and a cap.
  • A cable car journey up the Al-Hada Mountain takes visitors from Al-Kurr Village to the mountain's summit, where an upscale restaurant and hotel are located.
  • Take a thrilling horseback or camel ride up the mountain for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Prepare for an hour of hiking up Al Shafa Mountain to add some special touches to your day.
  • The variety of plants, trees, herbs, and fruit bushes growing up everywhere is astounding. Pomegranates, grapes, and a wide range of other fruits are grown on many farms close to Al Shafa. A couple of the farmers will let you tour their farms.
  • Natural resources abound there, including honey, rose gardens, herbs, and other items.
  • Near Al Shafa, Jabal Dakka, the highest peak summit (3 km above sea level), provides a beautiful view. After a challenging climb, you arrive at a breathtaking view worth the effort. People could savor the romantic feeling of hugging the clouds.
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    1 hour 30 minutes

Address of Al Shafa Mountains

Shafa Road, Taif Saudi Arabia

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