You should travel to London, the nation's capital, at least once during your lifetime. London is a bustling and an exciting city with some of the world's top sites, attractions, and activities. The story of London is ever so interesting and dramatic that you can't get bored by visiting the city's historical sites and museums. You'll learn more than you can possibly recall about how much of the nation's culture was formed there. Amaze yourself with the ruthless past of the London Dungeons or bask in the splendor of royalty at Hampton Court Palace.

As much as Londoners work, they also know how to have a good time. The capital city has a wide variety of late-night entertainment options, including historic pubs, trendy clubs, offbeat dive bars, and theaters where A-list actors and actresses regularly appear. Make plans to see a show, whether it's a West End musical, a stand-up comedy act, or a fantastic live concert, at least once during your trip. You can count on finding something truly remarkable in the nation's capital, as the biggest names and most impressive productions regularly make stops there.

London is the ideal location to enjoy the best shopping the world has to offer. Get overwhelmed by the number of people on Oxford Street, stunned by the prices in Knightsbridge, and charmed by the boutiques around Carnaby Street.

You wouldn't know certain things until you experienced them firsthand, such as how serene green spaces in a busy city may be or how distinctively various neighborhoods might feel. One-of-a-kind memories can only come from traveling to the city, putting on comfortable walking shoes, and exploring. The city is a wonder because of the great diversity of incredibly interesting people that live there. People are doing amazing things everywhere you look, whether they are starting new enterprises or putting on public performances of circus acts. Everyone has a story to tell, so when you're in London, it's worth getting to know as many people as you can to hear some of their fantastic tales and start your own.

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Reasons to visit London

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Helpful tips for London

  • Always have an umbrella on you
  • Don’t jump the queues
  • Use an Oyster Card on public transporation
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