Haveselskabets Have

H. Sibbern, an architect, designed Haveselskabet as the only example of a fittingly intact location that attests to the era's interest in gardening and fitness. 

The garden has been passed down through multiple generations of landscape architects since that time, each of whom made their stamp on the space without altering its main design. You can slink away among the perennials in Haveselskabet's garden, enjoy the view of the lawn, unwind on one of the many benches, or gaze up at the sky in the mirror pool.

Things to do Haveselskabets Have:

  • Visit the garden and take advantage of the peaceful areas:

The garden is a haven of nature in the middle of the city and a cultural and historical treasure. There is room to relax and observe the cyclical nature of the seasons. 

The serenity you might miss from your hectic daily life might be found here. A thick yew hedge that surrounds the garden and blocks out city sounds gives the impression that you are somewhere else entirely rather than in the center of a bustling city.

  • The Haveselskabet garden is a serene setting with plenty of chances for unwinding and introspection:

A visitor may always find a quiet area because of the garden's division into numerous smaller chambers, each with its personality.

The garden just took in the 'Quiet Places' category of the 2013 Great Landscape Award.

  • Take advantage of the garden's calm areas:

The garden at Haveselskabet in Frederiksberg is a little-known spot for most people, but it is a quiet jewel for those who use it. The garden has a total size of 20,500 m2. Because of the way it is put out, which includes a mix of larger and smaller garden areas and a wide variety of plants, visitors will experience various impressions as they travel along the walkways that connect the garden spaces.

  • The Central Axis and the many facets:

A central axis that runs through the garden descends from the open lawn in front of Kavalerfljen, through H.A. Flindt's lake, and proceeds up a hill from where one can see the tower of Frederiksberg Town Hall.

The Jane Schul-designed perennial garden with drought-tolerant plants continues along the axis.

  • Haveselskabet's garden's mirror pool:

Near the mirror pool, the axis descends farther to the back of the garden. Henrik Starcke created this unusual sculpture of a woman. Several man-tall zinc statues from the Greek pantheon are also located in this garden area and were presented by the Manor in Glorup in 1920.

  • Rose Gardens:

Many lovely garden spots may be found on either side of the axis. It includes the original rose garden from the days of landscaper and garden inspector H. A. Flindt, which still sports its original boxwood hedges from the end of the 19th century.

  • Visit the Well Hall to quench your thirst:

Between five and nine in the morning, you might in the Brndsalen drink your well water and then go for a stroll in the garden. 

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    3 hours

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