Tivoli Gardens

Children and young travelers to Copenhagen must not miss a trip to Tivoli.

The theme park provides a variety of thrills, including exciting performances, one-of-a-kind eating opportunities, flashing lights, and lovely flowers. You'll have fun whether you come for the gardens, music, or rides.

Since its founding in 1843, Tivoli Gardens has grown to become a revered landmark and popular tourist destination. The garden was originally situated beyond the city's moats, but it is now close to Central Station and accessible by foot from City Hall.

Things to do at Tivoli Gardens:

  • The moment you stroll through the gates and into the fantasy world built over a century and a half, you can't help but fall in love with it:

The surroundings are stunning with their unusual architecture, old structures, and lush gardens. A unique fairytale ambiance is created at night by thousands of colored lights.

You may explore its peculiarities, charm, and intricacies and perhaps even see the peacocks or guinea hens roaming freely through the grounds.

  • All the rides are created to complement the gardens and architecture of Tivoli:

Some rides will make you feel incredibly nostalgic, while others will live up to even the most fervent thrill seekers' expectations.

One of only seven rollercoasters in the world with a brakeman on each train is the wooden Rollercoaster from 1914, which is Tivoli's oldest and most well-known amusement, and it still employs a brakeman on each train.

Villa Vendetta, Denmark's largest permanent haunted home with actors, is the newest ride. Visitors travel through 12 separate chambers spread over 800 eerie square meters.

The Demon offers a brand-new virtual reality rollercoaster experience on the more contemporary end of the scale.

One of over a dozen gardens, The Orangery, offers a quiet and unique haven to recuperate from the adrenaline.

  • Tivoli offers a wide variety of cuisines:

 Although many people will bring picnics to the park, you may also choose from the many eateries in Tivoli. Everything is available, including authentic Danish food, French bistro fare, and gourmet burgers.

In addition to the renowned hamburger chain Gasoline Grill and one of the top vegetarian restaurants in the city, Gemyse, Tivoli is home to the seafood cafe Figaro.

Tivoli Food Hall is located at the intersection of Tivoli, heading toward the Central Station. From wholesome Islandic foods at Gl to delicious, hot flatbread at North African Wakha and everything in between, you'll discover a diversity of distinct cuisines.

The exceptional bakery Cakenhagen is worth visiting for its coffee, pastries, and champagne.

  • Enjoy a music program at Tivoli:

In addition to notable occasions like Friday Rock and Summer Classic, live music is available daily in Tivoli.

  • It is fascinating to be here during special events:

In Tivoli, each of the four seasons—Halloween, Christmas, winter, and summer—has its distinctive motif. The gardens are redecorated to evoke the coziness of winter, the warmth of Christmas, the nostalgia of long summer days, and the spookiness of Halloween.

  • Visit at night, when many sparkling lights transform the area into something out of a storybook:

Not unexpectedly, it also inspired people like Hans Christian Andersen and Walt Disney, who both paid visits. 

The park is lit at night by fireworks, colored floodlights, and illuminated fountains, and throughout the summer, symphony concerts, jazz, rock acts, pantomimes, and ballets are presented.

  • imageDuration Required
    2 hours

Address of Tivoli Gardens

Vesterbrogade 3, 1630 København V, Denmark

Opening & Closing time of Tivoli Gardens

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