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Design Museum Danmark does a beautiful job of vividly capturing the immensely rich and significant design history that Denmark has left behind. The collection features works of art, crafts, and industrial design not just from Denmark and other nations in Scandinavia but also from all across the Western world and East Asia.

Some cultural and historical context can be provided through items such as furniture, apparel, textiles, glass, and pottery dating from the late Middle Ages to the present day.

Things to do at Design Museum Denmark:

Discuss how designers and craftspeople of the past have dealt with the topic of the future and how they approach the subject today:

The exhibition topics trace the historical progression from roughly the year 1900 up through the present day. Nevertheless, illustrations from different eras are included under each topic as well. This is because it represents universal form approaches manifested in modernism and established the foundation for today's design.

The term 'Danish Design' developed an internationally recognized aesthetic and trademark during the 20th century. It has generally asserted that it exists outside of worldwide modernism, which developed at the beginning of the 20th century, particularly in Central Europe, and transformed art, architecture, and design throughout most of the world.

Some of the museum's collections feature the work of internationally renowned Danish designers Poul Henningsen, Kaare Klint, and Arne Jacobsen. These designers have left an indelible influence on Danish design and architecture, which can be seen in these collections.

An exhibition now on view at the Design Museum in Denmark takes a look at the past, present, and possible design futures:

Displays at the Designmuseum Denmark include works of decorative art, crafts, and industrial designs dating from the late Middle Ages to the present and coming from both the Western world and Asia. In the museum section titled 'Shaping the Future,' samples from the museum's collection of romantic ideals and historical visionary designs that have inspired and contributed to the formation of the world will be displayed.

In addition to the items that are kept there permanently, the museum frequently hosts revolving or temporary exhibits.

The permanent collection is enhanced with new and thought-provoking pieces through temporary exhibitions.

The Danish textile printer Marie Gudme Leth, post-war British textiles, modern international woodwork, and Japan's influence on Danish design are a few examples of the topics covered.

  • The museum shop is a fantastic destination for those purchasing Danish industrial designs, ceramics, glass, or fabrics:

The shop features a skillful combination of traditional components such as glass cabinets made by Klint and modern built-in cabinets that have been specially designed, stained in a blue-grey color, and feature details similar to those seen in vintage pieces.

  • During the warm months, patrons can enjoy their meals al fresco in the charming courtyards:

The open-faced citrus gravlax sandwiches and lemon meringue pie at Café Klint make it the perfect place to take a pit stop.

Dinners consisting of three courses and live music are served till late on Wednesdays at this establishment.

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Bredgade 68, 1260 København, Denmark

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