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Meet more than 4,000 fascinating animals at the Copenhagen Zoo and traverse the world in a single day. It is one of the oldest in Europe, is the most popular in Denmark. It has a long history dating back to Niles Kjaerbolling's founding in 1859, and that tradition is still alive today.

Other highlights include the Hippopotamus House, a favorite of children, and a collection of native Oceanic animals, including the only Tasmanian devils to be found in captivity outside of Tasmania. It also has a 1905-built wooden observation tower that provides views of the city and the nearby parklands.

Things to do at Copenhagen Zoo:

  • In the designated Nordic area, which is home to reindeer, muskox, brown bears, and grey wolves, marvel at the local wildlife:

The zoo supports and keeps up several European breeding programs. Turkey vultures, roseate spoonbills, Bactrian camels, black-capped squirrel monkeys, Dalmatian pelicans, scarlet ibises, and lions are a few of the exotic animals you can see here. The facility ensures that the animals are given enough comfort as if they were living on their own in the wild. It also allows visitors to look closely at what the animals are doing. The building has a big pool for an elephant to submerge its entire body.

But the story doesn't end there—this zoo is the only one outside of Australia to house a Tasmanian Devil, which should speak volumes about its kind of facility.

There is more to the zoo than the animals to be amazed by:

The zoo is home to architectural delights, like the panda habitat designed by Bjarke Ingels Group and the elephant house designed by Norman Foster. Architecture enthusiasts might also like to check out the Arctic Ring, which lets you see polar bears swimming underwater, and the Hippopotamus House, which debuted in 2007 and has walls decorated to resemble a hippo's skin.

If you travel with kids, you'll be happy to know they have a children's zoo area:

Your kids can pet the animals at this point, and they can meet and greet mice and other rodents, pigs, and milking cows at the Children's Zoo.

Every day there are presentations on snakes and reptiles as well. Even the elephants and the birds can be fed. They can read about dwarf goats and other farm animals at the zoo, and they can get close to these animals and will always remember that. Did you know that they also have pet grooming facilities? That is awesome!

  • Education is one primary mission of the zoo:

The Copenhagen Zoo has been working to put more programs into place in recent years in collaboration with other Danish Zoos, which will help it grow even more than the other zoos in Denmark.

The programs are comparable to those used worldwide to support the preservation of the rhinoceros, golden-headed lion tamarins, and tapirs, and the Copenhagen Zoo still houses these creatures.

  • There are planned activities for each day:

Sea lion training, feeding of carnivores, including lion tamarins, baboons, chimpanzees, Pampas animals, and tapirs, as well as educational lectures on the lives of rhinos and musk oxes, are some of these.

  • There are numerous photo opportunities at the zoo, so go ahead and get the best pictures of your kids with the animals:

They will treasure it until they are adults and can appreciate it more.

Additionally, you can enter the yearly photo competition up until October 31 if you believe you have captured some of the best images.

Who knows? You might get lucky and have your photo selected as the winner, in which case you could win fantastic rewards.

  • Special events:

Special exhibits and lectures are also scheduled for the summer for those who purchase season tickets, with upcoming activities like the 'Zoo Behind the Façade' and many other privileged events for September. 

  • Cafes in the zoo:

There are snack stalls and stands all over the zoo where you can purchase ice cream, hot and cold beverages, and snacks.

  1. You can eat French dishes at Bistro Panpan with an Asian twist at the Panda House.
  2. You can get delicious pastries at Cakes & Dreams.
  3. Open sandwiches and other traditional Danish fare are served at the cozy and traditional restaurant Spisehuset Folk.
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Address of Copenhagen Zoo

Roskildevej 32, 2000 Frederiksberg, Denmark

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