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Put an end to conventional art museums and exhibition spaces. More than anywhere else in Denmark, this is where art and nature converge.

In the modern world, Cisternerne is an underground art gallery where you may get away from the daily grind, where time stands still, and where there is no mobile service. 

Visitors come here to view the art despite the spectacular stalactites and stalagmites that cover the floor and ceiling. Everything there depends on the location's design, climate, darkness, and acoustics, giving it a flavor.

Things to do at Cisternerne:

  • The only indications of its presence are the two massive glass pyramids that mark its entrance and exit:

As you descend the icy concrete steps into the tunnels below, get ready to be astounded. The city's most exciting and vibrant modern art venue is situated in the dismal, damp, and cold underground setting, suggestive of cathedrals and gloomy catacombs.

Sixteen million liters of drinking water once flowed through the Cisterns, or Cisternerne in Danish, which are the former water reservoirs for Copenhagen. They are located in a sizable underground chamber with no windows.

  • Explore the area and its changing installations is an immersive experience:

When Cisternerne's frigid surroundings surround you, you are not just witnessing art; you are completely immersed in it: The city's most distinctive art district is deep underground, well hidden beneath Sndermarken's luxuriant grass.  

As in the past, you might find that artists have incorporated boat excursions or hanging lanterns for light, fire, or mirrors into their creations as a result of requests to construct performances that are appropriate for this particular setting. Climate change-related exhibitions have a special place here as well.

  • A unique experience in every way:

Cisternerne is home to site-specific artistic endeavors that cannot be built or duplicated anywhere else around the globe. Every year, an internationally renowned artist/architect creates a massive exhibition for this underground space to highlight Cisternerne's unique architecture, environment, and history.

In addition to hosting exhibitions, they also welcome the public to various activities and events that highlight the current exhibit and the space's unique character in various ways.

  • The dripstones in Cisternerne are lovely and delicate, as well as a sign of the building's slow degeneration:

As Cisternerne gets overtaken by nature, the dripstones are generated.

The dripstones at Cisternerne remind us how nature subsumes what we build and believe we are in charge of over time, but unmistakably.

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Address of Cisternerne

Roskildevej 25A, 2000 Frederiksberg, Denmark

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