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In the city of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, there is a museum of modern art called the Sharjah Art Museum. Middle Eastern, North African, and South Asian contemporary art are the focus of the museum's promotion and exhibition efforts. It has a permanent collection of artwork from various artists and temporary exhibitions by both local and foreign artists.


Embrace the architectural details:

The museum building, constructed in a traditional Islamic architectural style with a courtyard, a fountain, and a traditional majlis, is regarded as a work of art in and of itself. The museum's facade features a mix of traditional Islamic elements, such as arches and geometric patterns, with a modern, minimalist aesthetic.

The museum also has a courtyard with a reflecting pool and a beautiful garden with palm trees and water fountains that provide a serene and peaceful atmosphere. Overall the museum's architecture combines traditional and modern elements; it is a great representation of the Islamic civilization heritage, and its architecture reflects the culture and history of the region.

View the various works of art from the Middle East and other parts of the world on display in the permanent collections and temporary exhibitions:

  • Manuscripts and Calligraphy: The museum has a collection of Islamic manuscripts and calligraphic works, including Qurans, Hadiths, and other religious texts.
  • Ceramics: The museum features a collection of Islamic ceramics, including pottery, tilework, and glassware from various Islamic dynasties and periods.
  • Metalwork: The museum has a collection of Islamic metalwork, including bronze and brass objects, such as candlesticks, lamps, and incense burners.
  • Textiles: The museum features a collection of Islamic textiles, including carpets, rugs, and other decorative fabrics.
  • Glassware: The museum has a collection of Islamic glassware, including vases, goblets, and other decorative objects.

Take part in workshops and educational programs that are intended to teach visitors more about art and the creative process:

Attending lectures and other special events are frequently held at the museum and offer a chance to learn more about art and culture. Taking part in workshops and educational programs intended to teach visitors more about art and the creative process.

Take advantage of the museum café's light fare and beverages:

Explore the museum's lovely gardens and outdoor areas, which offer visitors a tranquil setting to unwind and take in the art alongside food and drinks.

Purchase souvenirs: The museum's gift shop offers art publications, catalogs, and other souvenirs associated with displays and its holdings.

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Address of Sharjah Art Museum

Al Shuwaihean - Sharjah - United Arab Emirates

Opening & Closing time of Sharjah Art Museum

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