Arabian Wildlife Center

The city of Sharjah, which is located in the United Arab Emirates, is home to a wildlife sanctuary known as the Sharjah Wildlife Centre. The mission of the center is to protect and conserve native wildlife while also serving as a refuge for native animals that have been injured or are on the verge of extinction.


Participate in animal encounters:

The center offers animal encounter programmes that enable visitors to interact with and learn about the animals in a more hands-on way. Visitors can learn more about the animals in a more hands-on way.

Animals native to the desert, such as oryx, gazelles, and desert foxes, as well as a wide variety of avian and reptilian species, can be observed by tourists. Visitors can also view a variety of birds.

Understand the value of mutual coexistence and harmony between man and nature:

Learn about the importance of wildlife conservation and the efforts being made to protect native animals and their habitats at the center's educational exhibits and interactive displays, which aim to educate visitors about the importance of wildlife conservation.

Explore natural trails in their glory:

The wildlife center also provides nature walks, which enable visitors to explore the natural habitats of the animals and learn about the various plants and wildlife that can be found in the region. Visitors can learn about the different plants and wildlife that can be found in the region.

Attend informative events here for in-depth knowledge:

Visitor can gain a deeper understanding of the animals and the behaviors they exhibit by attending the center's various shows and presentations, which are offered throughout the day.

Visit the animal hospital: The centre features an animal hospital that guests can stop by to gain insight into the process of injured and endangered animals being rescued and rehabilitated before being released back into the wild.

  • imageDuration Required
    4 hours

Address of Arabian Wildlife Center

Al Dhaid Road, Interchange 9, Sharjah Rural - Sharjah - Sharjah - United Arab Emirates

Opening & Closing time of Arabian Wildlife Center

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