Catacombe di San Gaudioso

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The Catacombs of San Gaudioso are a series of ancient catacombs located in the city of Naples, Italy. The catacombs were named after Saint Gaudiosus, a bishop of Naples who was buried in the catacombs in the 5th century. The catacombs are one of the most important historical and cultural sites in Naples and are a popular tourist attraction.

The catacombs are made up of a network of underground tunnels and chambers on a stretch of 3 km, many of which contain the remains of early Christian martyrs and saints. The catacombs are a testament to the early Christian community in Naples and the role that the city played in the spread of Christianity throughout the Roman Empire.

Over the centuries, the catacombs have been expanded and adapted to accommodate other burials as well, such as those of the Benedictine monks who resided there. Today, the catacombs of St. Gaudioso are an important pilgrimage site for Christians around the world and are open to the public for guided tours.

How to explore Catacombe di San Gaudioso?

  • The catacombs are home to a network of underground burial galleries that are open to visitors. You can walk through the galleries and learn about the history of the catacombs and the people who were buried there.
  • The catacombs contain a chapel dedicated to Saint Gaudiosus. You can visit the chapel to see its beautiful frescoes and learn more about the saint.
  • The crypt of Saint Gaudiosus is located in the catacombs and contains the remains of the saint. You can visit the crypt to pay your respects to the saint and learn more about his life and work.
  • Visit the nearby Basilica di San Gaudioso, which houses the remains of the saint after whom the catacombs are named.
  • Guided tours of the catacombs are available, which can provide more information about the history and significance of the site. Participate in a candlelit tour of the catacombs for a unique and atmospheric experience.
  • The catacombs are still used for religious purposes, and it is possible to attend a Mass or other religious event there.
  • Take part in a meditation or yoga session in the serene and peaceful setting of the catacombs.

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Address of Catacombe di San Gaudioso

Piazza Sanita, 14, 80100, Naples Italy

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