Valle dei Mulini

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The 'Valle dei Mulini,' sometimes known as the 'Valley of Mills,' is a lush cluster of contemporary ruins tucked away at the bottom of a deep Italian ravine. You can get a glimpse of the world without people by visiting this ravine filled with abandoned buildings.

The large eruption that wreaked havoc on the Mediterranean region 35 years ago is thought to be the cause of the deep split in the rock that now houses the deteriorating structures. The stone flour mills, which date back to the 13th century, made use of the steady stream at the valley's bottom. They ground all the varieties of wheat required by the Sorrentine residents in the neighborhood.

Other early industrial enterprises started to emerge to take advantage of the waters at the bottom after the flour mills were successfully established. A sawmill was built to supply the chaff used by local cabinet masters, and there was a washhouse that women used for personal hygiene and clothing laundering.

The subterranean area of industry became essentially outdated once the milling of flour was primarily transferred to nearby pasta mills, and the structures were shuttered and abandoned in the 1940s. Since they were abandoned, the aggressive vegetation that flourishes in the humid crevice has gradually supplanted the brick houses. The stunning structures tucked away in the Valley of the Mills appear to be nothing more than a glimpse of the world as it will be after people have vanished.

How to explore Valle dei Mulini?

  • Even though it is one of the Amalfi Coast's simpler walks, this one is still rich in history and nature. This trail is ideal for family walks because of its short mileage.
  • Old buildings and lemon trees will surround you as you trek along a well-paved trail. As soon as the trail ends, you enter the forest. There, you may hear the Canneto River's gentle splash as it flows through the valley below.
  • After a little stroll, you will start to see something pretty fascinating: old abandoned houses that are covered in vegetation. Those used to be paper mills that used the river as a resource to create the renowned Amalfi paper. You might be able to enter some of them, but be careful. It is possible that some bats have relocated to these old mills!
  • After crossing the mill area, you will find yourself in the wild, leveling with the river and surrounded by numerous gorgeous waterfalls. As you continue uphill, you will cross additional ruins that you can explore further.

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Amalfi, Italy

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