Maestra dei Villaggi Road

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Maestra Dei Villaggi Road is an ancient footpath that connects the country villages to Amalfi. The road climbs until it reaches the village of Tovere, at a distance of about 5 Km and at 400 m above sea level, passing through the villages of Pastena, Lone, and Vettica Minore. The Village road is off the beaten track with incredible views. You can take a break from the crowds and the commercial part of Amalfi for the true old feeling of Italy.

The road was not only important historically but also for the unique union of rural architecture, sacred buildings, and the beautiful panorama. The road was much appreciated not only by the Romantic Voyagers but also by the later visitors who have left many interesting descriptions and paintings of the surroundings over the centuries.

How to explore Maestra dei Villaggi Road?

  • While following the village road, you can find the small Church of the Madonna del Carmine called St. Maria del Pino. It is the chapel of the noble family Lupino who had it built in the XV century. Passing through the narrow covered passage under the bell tower of the church, you will find a fresco of the' Flight from Egypt' by an unknown painter.
  • Moving ahead, you enter the heart of Pastena, the first village of Amalfi. The name Pastena probably derives from 'Pastinato,' a type of agricultural contract much in use in the Middle Ages. A formula used by the monasteries and the noble families where they gave their land to a family who was allowed to build a house and cultivate the land, giving in return the promise to take on the up-keep and the improvements to the property, planting new crops and giving a fixed part of the produce to the master.
  • At about ten meters on the trail, you will find a line of lemon groves and terraces planted with grape vines, olives, and vegetables.
  • You will come across a large rural house with a small fountain to refresh yourself.
  • By following the path, you will come to the heart of the village of Lone and the beautiful beach of Duoglio.
  • You also get to see the magnificent view that embraces the promontory of Vettica, the seaside village of Conca Dei Marini, and up on the high the monastery of St.Rosa. (Blue route).
  • Along the path, you get to see the majestic bell tower of the Church of St. Maria Assunta, situated below road level. Proceeding from the church's porch, visit the luxuriant terraces of lemons.

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    2 hours

Address of Maestra dei Villaggi Road

Amalfi, Italy

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