Fontana sant'Andrea

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It is an emblematic fountain located in the historic center of Amalfi. The Baroque-style fountain, dating back to 1760, used to stand in front of the Duomo church but has since been moved to allow traffic to pass more easily. It is now located near the steps to the Amalfi Cathedral, surrounded by interesting shops and restaurants.

The intricate sculptures on the fountain include St. Andrew and nymphs and cherubs. The fountain was carved in 1760 by the Apostle St. Andrew, the patron saint of Amalfi and the sea god. The city's patron saint is depicted in the masterpiece alongside four angels, the fish Pellicano, and a dove.

The fountain was recently the subject of a significant restoration project that encompassed both the monument and the interior water system, and as a result, it was returned to the locals and visitors in 2018 looking more magnificent and lovely than it had in years before.

How to explore Fontana sant'Andrea?

  • The classic dissonance between the martyrdom of the Apostle, the sensuality of a nymph, and a Satyr at the fountain's base is prominent.
  • You are genuinely delighted by the water, which is gushing from a nymph's body. The water comes from the neighboring river.
  • Treat yourself to lovely linen clothes or custom-made sandals from the stores that surround the fountain.
  • You can also shop for some exquisite handmade paper stationery in the stores since Amalfi is most famous for its paper industry.
  • This fountain is the starting point of the feast of St Andrea, held on the 30th of November and the 27th of June. During this feast, a procession runs from the fountain through the city streets to the beach. Make sure to attend the procession to witness the fun and frolic of the city.

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Address of Fontana sant'Andrea

Piazza Duomo, Amalfi Italy

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